Monday, November 30, 2009

MAYA Tutorial - Introduction

Maya is the 3-D animation software that provides a number of tools for creating complex characters and animations. Maya's powerful feature set gives you an almost unlimited power to create any kind of animation. The functionality of the Maya software can be extended with the use of MEL (Maya embedded language). MEL can be used to customize the user interface and write scripts and macros. In Maya, you can create objects, lights, cameras and textures. Any object, light, camera, or just any entity can be animated by changing the value of its parameters in time. We can use Maya, to create effects or animations or movies, commercials, architectural animation and forensic animation. Maya can be used to achieve far more complex effects and animation is as compared to other software is on the shelf. This tutorial is aimed at teaching a newbie, the basic concepts and functionality of the Maya software.


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